Hello Caribbean wedding couples,

I’d like to introduce myself and give you a short background on how IsleDo started.

Mala-Profile-Colour-255x300My name is Mala Webber, and in 2006 my fiancé (now husband) Luke and I returned to Trinidad after being abroad for a while.  We were working long hours and trying to plan our Trinidad wedding at the same time.  Luke being Australian, and me having being away for so long, struggled to find local wedding vendors.

We didn’t know where to start looking for wedding vendors or accessories.   We couldn’t find any quality vendors online because we weren’t familiar with the names of their businesses or they didn’t have a website or listing, or they were listed on sites that didn’t seem too trustworthy.  We had to rely on word of mouth.

Finding a list of vendors with photos so that we could view their portfolio before we called them was no existent.  That is when we realized that the Caribbean was in serious need of an online wedding resource.  A-One-Stop-Shop for couples planning a Caribbean wedding.  We were tired of having to search websites outside of the Caribbean to find information ON the Caribbean.  It was also impossible to get quality accessories and invitations without having to wait 4-6 weeks and pay a fortune.  We finally decided that the Caribbean needed IsleDo.

Luke and I planned and organized our wedding, did all of our research on vendors, requirements, countries, venues and shops and finally launched IsleDo in early 2007.  We were the only online wedding shop in Trinidad & Tobago where you could search more than 2500 quality wedding favours and have them delivered to your door within 10 days.

We created IsleDo to have as many free tools as possible for brides to plan with, and of course we made sure to include all of the important marriage requirements too.  I remember asking someone “what are bans” and “where do I get a marriage license”.  That was when I was IN the country, so I can only imagine how much harder it would be for destination couples who live abroad and are trying to plan.  Now couples can just visit IsleDo and get the information that they need online – easily.

We have tried to include just about everything you’ll need to plan your Caribbean wedding.  We work closely with our wedding vendors and also offer free online assistance for those pressing questions.  If we can’t help directly we can surely put you in contact with a wedding vendor who can.

Everyday, we add something new to IsleDo.  We love to share wedding stories of couples, their experiences and hear about their favourite countries and Caribbean wedding vendors.  This is the best way we can help other brides plan their wedding even easier.  Take it from me, word of mouth counts and your opinion is important to another bride.  So be sure to e-mail me your wedding experience as soon as you can: mala@isledo.com I’ll be sure to personally do a feature on your wedding for my new couples visiting IsleDo.

Thank you and Congratulations!